On-Line Gallery Featuring the Angling Art of Paul Gray

Point Brulee & Paul Gray

Point Brulee is a small, cedar-lined peninsula that dips south into the clear, rocky waters of northern Lake Huron and starts the western edge of the Les Cheneaux Islands area of Michigan's eastern U.P. This wilderness setting remains a constant source of inspiration for me. I’ve fished its waters and hunted its vast cedar forests throughout my entire life.

I see myself as angler first... artist second. All of my work is based on personal experience. While other fly fishing artists paint beautiful landscapes and scenic vistas, I prefer to focus my attention entirely upon my quarry. For me, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FISH! Most of my paintings depict snapshots in time - just as a fish strikes, during the fight or at its release - vivid images that resonate with serious anglers. I go to great lengths to capture the very essence of these special moments in the hope of keeping their memories alive forever. Fly-fishing is truly a game of details and my paintings are nothing if not highly detailed. Just as in fishing, I want my artwork to trigger a response - hopefully a broad smile which is linked to a happy memory.

When I was a youngster, I was always drawing and sketching animals, often as a way to entertain my friends and classmates. I studied commercial art at Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies and have worked in the graphic arts field ever since. A graphic arts career paid the bills and generally allowed for one big adventure per year. Vacations became synonomous with fishing trip! I became a sponge for any and all fishing information. I’ve had the good fortune of wetting a line in such far-reaching destinations as Alaska to the Florida Keys and from arctic Quebec to Costa Rica. From a young age I kept aquariums that displayed both fresh and saltwater species and I’ve always been fascinated with fish behavior. Recently, I raised a Peacock Bass to over 18” in my kitchen...cooool!

The goal of my business is to provide high quality art prints to those who share enthusiasm for the sport of fly fishing as well as those who simply have an appreciation for the beauty and style of my work. Presently, I live in Warren, Michigan with my understanding wife Gina and talented son Dale and spend as much time as possible out of doors and working on my art.

Currently I support the following organizations:

• Trout Unlimited - Paul H. Young Chapter

• Michigan Fly Fishing Club

• Michigan United Conservation Club

• National Rifle Association

• Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

• Detroit Zoological Society

I truly appreciate your interest in my art and thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to call or email me with any ? or comments. Also, check back from time to time to view new pieces as they become available.